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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation has always been one of the main focuses of the mission of the DAR. Our members participate in a wide variety of projects as it is crucial to save our history for future generations.

Over the years, Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, NSDAR, has performed a number of preservation projects. Most recently, our members restored and performed genealogical research at Bell Cemetery, we continue to assist the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site on our annual Day of Service, and WWI service records were transcribed for the Indiana State Archives as part of our 125th Anniversary.

Please watch this video for an overview of what DAR does to promote Historic Preservation.

Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, NSDAR, Projects

Cemetery Restoration

Bell Cemetery in Perry Township, Marion County, Indiana, restoration and rededication celebration was held September 14, 2014. The two-year restoration project was organized by our chapter Historic Preservation Committee. The cemetery history, genealogical research, gravestone cleaning, and monument repairs were completed with support from Jeannie Regan-Dinius (Indiana Department of Natural Resources), Perry Township Trustee’s Office, Mary Bryan Chapter, NSDAR, and experts in monument repair.

Family Bible Preservation

An ongoing project of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, NSDAR, is the collection of Bible records.

Preserve your family history by sending a copy of your family’s Bible records to our Genealogical Records chair by clicking here.  Your family’s records will be included in a volume of collected Bible records published by the Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, NSDAR. Bound copies will then be placed at the Indiana State Library (Indianapolis), Allen County Public Library (Ft. Wayne, Indiana), and the Daughters of the American Revolution Library (Washington, D.C.) for the perusal of future generations of researchers.

If the Bible records have been transcribed by family members who are familiar with name spellings that is most helpful; however, if the Bible records have not been transcribed we will do so. If possible, please provide the title page and the publication date page (on the title page, or on the back of the title page). Please list the name and address of the present-day owner including county.

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